It’s all about shopping smart

July 6th, 2011

Shopping Bags

Even though my last post was about savings, I do have to say a few things about shopping. Smart shopping that is. Nothing like the feeling of scoring a fantastic deal on something you really have to buy! For those of you out there that get a kick at some smart shopping here are two sites you should check out: – discovered through this article in the NYT, Shopobot lets you track price changes on items you wish to purchase at different online retailers. Keep in mind this site’s a newbie so it’s still a work in progress and currently they only track consumer electronics and video games, but plan to expand into home appliances, sports and other areas. – I’ve used this website for a couple of years now. Before I make any online purchase I visit and search the retailer I plan on purchasing from, if there are any discount coupons or promotions they show up and I just enter them at checkout – simple as that! More than 4,000 stores and outlets are listed and updated daily.

Both websites are free and simple to use. Give them a try on your next find and let me know how it goes.

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