Neatly plastic

July 13th, 2011

At home we are big believers of taking our own re-usable bags every time we go to the store. A great solution for using less plastic and helping the environment; it makes me happy to see more and more people practicing it.

There are times however, when you forget to take them, or you buy more than you can fit in your own bags. For those instances when you do get your share of plastic bags to take home (and yeah, sometimes it can be many; I mean, seriously I can just put the milk and the juice in the same bag! And no, I don’t need doubles!), here’s my suggestion on how to store them neatly to be re-used later of course:

Also, click here for a very creative way of recycling the material if you are the one of those artsy types.


  1. mauricio says:

    mijita felicitaciones por el blog. esta interesante. ahi te mando material para que hagas tu version colombiana de como doblar camisetas en 2 segundos.