Self-made benefits package

August 23rd, 2011

In the midst of all the things I have going on lately, somehow I was able to to tackle a couple of tasks down: health insurance and time-off.

Shopping for health insurance and booking time-off that is.

Very quickly, some pointers I want to give out regarding what I so dearly call my “self-made benefits package”:

  • Remember; treat yourself like the best employer would treat you: budget for health insurance and time-off.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute to book your time-off for the holidays. Most people do travel on the holidays but for some reason we procrastinate on the planning of such travels and end up spending way too much on air tickets, hotels, etc. Go ahead, use this post as your reminder and coordinate with family, research prices and get things started.
  • If you are employed, book your time off! According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports 39% of adults didn’t plan to use their vacation days in 2010. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds boring! The simple act of scheduling some R&R makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to.
  • Health insurance, ah health insurance… So much to say, yet so little makes sense. Funny how such a basic human right seems almost like jargon when written by health insurance companies and hospital bills. If you are, or could be very soon shopping for health insurance take a look at these two websites that help average Joes & Janes like you and me make some sense of it all:
    • – a Federal government website that lets you compare insurance options, Understand the law, etc.
    • – this website‘s main goal is to sell insurance plans, but in the process let’s you compare policies and plans for different companies even if you don’t buy through them.

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