Our choice

September 30th, 2011


In this day and age where women should be treated as equals, it feels like we are going backwards in the movement towards gender equality. It’s embarrassing to hear that there’s parts of the world where women still can’t take on the simple act of driving, or hear that congressmen will try and abolish laws that allow women to choose what to do with their bodies in extreme circumstances.

Major political issues aside, it’s in our daily lives involving business transactions that we still need to make progress. Last week I went to movies and saw one in the category type I like to call “chick flicks” – usually light comedies that don’t add much to the stress level. This time the turn was for “I don’t know how she does it” which in the end didn’t prove to be so relaxing as I wanted it to be. My friend and I left the theater confused and upset. It felt unfair to be watching an entire production of how a woman struggles to balance life, marriage, kids and work; would there be such a movie about a man? I doubt it.

Coincidentally this week someone suggested a TED Talk from Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s COO) which couldn’t have fit in nicer with all that’s going on in my mind lately. I wanted to share it with everyone, women and men alike, because this movement is not a battle of the sexes as many like to call it, it’s a joined effort between all of us and we need to support one another. Just like Sandberg says:

“I want my son to have a choice to contribute fully in the workforce or at home. And I want my daughter to have the choice to not just succeed, but to be liked for her accomplishments.”

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