Not easy

February 24th, 2012

 Freelancer Notepad: Dylan Ousley

Just when I thought I was back, then along came the holidays and a really tough month and a half business-wise with the beginning of 2012. Freelancing is not easy. As rewarding and fulfilling as it is, it comes with obstacles that make you question your choice. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and requires tons of planning, but then again, lots more flexibility. Needless to say the last few days have been challenging but I’m getting through it and thought for a come-back I would share some interesting tools I’ve gotten to know recently:

  • Freelancers Union: Platform for independent workers, free to join and brings many benefits.
  • Twelve by Twelve: Book I just finished that touched many life aspects which I question all the time; the author, William Powers, struggles with “being a man without a country” and reflects upon the environment, volunteering, working, parenting, etc.
  • Pinterest: Yes, everyone seems to be talking about this onlineĀ pin board! I was skeptical at first and now I have to admit, I’m completely addicted. I find it useful for many industries and even just forĀ hobbies. Give it a shot and follow me or one of my boards if you like.
I’ll be back soon with more content and better news. Yes, it’s not easy but in the end it’s all worth-it.

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